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  • Bryggeri Pils 4,5%

    Bryggeri Pils 4,5%

    Vaalea suodattamaton lagerolut
  • Bryggeri Weizen 5,0%

    Bryggeri Weizen 5,0%

    Vaalea suodattamaton vehnäolut
  • Bryggeri IPA 5,5%

    Bryggeri IPA 5,5%

    Kauniin värinen, tasapainoinen ja aromikas arki-IPA
  • Bryggeri Spezial 5,2%

    Bryggeri Spezial 5,2%

    Lempeän savuinen ja tasapainoisen maltainen punertava lager

Lunch Weekly list

  • 23.01.2018

  • 9,70 € Soup of the day

  • 10,30 € Salmon patties, dill and lemon dressing, mashed potatoes and pickeled vegetables

    Dayly lunch

  • 12,70 € Cheddar - barbecue burger & fries

    with barbecue and chili sauce to spice it up!

  • 12,70 € Falafel with hummus, marinated vegetables, herbs and couscous

    The vege of the week

Lunch is served day time from monday to friday at  11.00am to 2.30pm Lunch dishes includes a salad bar, soup of the day and coffee or tea.

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