Food and drink

Bryggeri Helsinki serves food and beer produced on the premises from scratch using the finest raw ingredients. New flavours are developed according to season. At Bryggeri, food is given various roles: uncomplicated pub food goes well with a pint while an entire menu with a recommended beer is perfect for unhurried socialising. Bryggeri Helsinki diversifies the range of food and drink on offer in the historical centre.

Bryggeri Helsinki´s A la Carte is served from Monday to Saturday from 4 pm in the Cellar restaurant and Brewery´s list is served on kitchen´s opening hours.

Restaurant manager Olli Majanen

Bryggeri Helsinki is a top-quality beer attraction for Helsinki residents and tourists.  The Finnish beer culture is on display in various ways and brewery food has been taken to a new level. Experienced pub-restaurant manager Majanen creates a cosy atmosphere. A visit to the brewery-restaurant run by Majanen is a complete experience, with expert and immediate service.

Head Chef Ali Suviala

Suviala is a professional when it comes to working with malt, creating fantastic food from and to accompany beer. The kitchen serves Scandinavian food and the seasons of the north come to life in the dishes.  It sends out clear, uncomplicated food made with respect for raw ingredients.