a small update – what’s brewing



Following brews have been done, what’s coming next:

– DRY STOUT – has been transferred  for bottling today. Dry and smooth with 4,5% alc. Let’s see, what the filtration does to the overall impression!! Some kegs will be reserved for our bar to be served during the next weekend.

– ESPA – will be a classic English Bitter. Alcohol content around 4,5%, IBUs about 33, EBC around 16. I have tried to keep the yeast flavour  at a minimum, used only English hop varieties and, tried to keep it juicy but dry. Let’s see, the yeast fermented maybe a bit too far. Estimated degree of Fermentation was 73-75%, could have gone as low as 77%.

– MAIBOCK – I wrote about it before, but didn’t add all flavour impressions. It will be an interesting beer. It turned out pretty fruity (don’t be alarmed, the cooling during fermentation hasn’t been disrupted), but in combination with the Saaz hops, an alcohol content of  ca.6,7-6,8% and a degree of fermentation of 80%, it will be still dry enough. Pale caramel malts in combination with the alcohol content give it a smooth, rich finish. That was from the sample cock. Straight from tap, it can still slightly vary from my descriptions.

– BBC 1 – Our first batch of beer we brewed together with customers. During this first happening, we offered customers to come by and spend a bit more time with me to brew a new beer. In addition, our kitchen sous chef gave an extended introduction of cooking with beer and its ingredients. The day included sampling of beers and food and me talking about the thing I like most (professionally, of course). It turned out to be a really nice day. I guess, that around 25% were also fellow (home)brewer’s and together with the rest of the group, we just talked about beer. The second session will deal mostly with the different beer styles, building up a beer selection and basics of food/beer pairing. Olli Majanen and Ali Suviala will lead through most of that day. Yeah, we will also try our new product. It is an APA with about 5,5% alc, about 53 IBU and 11 EBC. The idea for that beer was based on a relatively new German hop variety named Bavaria Mandarina (in combination with minor amounts of other varieties). If the name fulfils what it suggests, we could all be excited,…but…it is a German hop. You couldn’t really expect the flavour boost of an American/New World hop variety. The batch has been cooled down now, the hops are leaching out and the flavour is improving daily. In about two weeks time, we will have the first zip and you will get a further  description.

Cheers to that.