Additional comments concerning BBC 2 for everyone wanting to participate.


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BBC 2 is on.

I have the feeling that it is going to be a fun project.

The first session was already a good experience, but with this one on its way, I am glad that we went that road (thanks to Mika!). After all, it doesn’t matter, if you brew at home or at our scale (which is still small in comparison). We just have to take other things into consideration, when creating new beer recipes. Does it fit into our product portfolio, how does it match our food, is it seasonal and last but not least: do I like to brew it :-)?

Personally, I am not really drawn to beers, which exceed a certain alcohol level and/or include excessive hopping or other excessive features. A beer has to be drinkable. I had various examples, which I simply couldn’t finish, because one of those features just didn’t work out for me (black IPAs fall under that category).  Not that they were bad as such, but, …aah, I usually want to drink/brew beers, that can be drank not sipped. Therefore high alcohol contents are contradictory in terms of taking deep gulps.

Again a but, but I am not against those beer types. Just yesterday I savored with a dear friend of mine a splendid double IPA with about 9% and it was marvelous!!! Best I have ever tried!!! Fruity, spicy, hints of pine, slightly sweet, malty, hoppy and a completely recessed alcohol flavor. The less beer remained in the glass, the smaller the sips got.


That’s where you come in! It will be interesting for us to taste your range of beers and choose the one, which we all like and then we just brew it with you. That simple.

After all, a lot of breweries have started that way. Brewing at home, enjoying it and scaling up the process towards a commercially feasible brewery. Especially in Finland the beer culture is really evolving. I don’t know, if you all read the new book about finish small breweries. That’s, who we are! Different backgrounds and styles, but same passion!!

Now about the beer:

  • You have generally free hands with the recipe. As Olli wrote, there will be certain restrictions regarding malt load, hopping and choice of yeast. I simply don’t have the means to properly propagate big amounts of yeast for a strong beer (big brews => double the pitch ).Lighter beers with successive and intermediate aeration for double/triple brews, did that, it works. But for that beer, I limit the choice of yeast => any kind of dry yeast!
  • Concerning the hopping, it would be good to go for hop varieties, which are more or less easily available. I have various types in my freezer, but if you opt for varieties, that are not easily available, we might not get them. I will stock up a bit, just guessing, what you could need, but the rest would be ordered after the winning recipe has been chosen.
  • Also concerning the alcohol content of the brew you should be reasonable, when writing your recipes. Not because of me, but because of the time we have. The stronger, the longer. Preferably it should be ready to drink, when we start selling your brew :-).
  • otherwise: GO CRAZY!!
  • the technical implementation of whatever you come up with, would be my/our thing to solve.


About hopping:

  • Our brew house/whirlpool was designed for a maximum hop load of 2,3 kg. I am exceeding that amount with almost every brew.
  • 5kg of pellets during wort boiling/hop addition into the whirlpool are the absolute maximum.
  • Additionally, whole hops can be added into the whirlpool (into a bag)
  • hopsy pellets can be used during wort cooling (hop bag)
  • whole hops for dry hopping (not free floating, I’ve got bags of several sizes)


That should be it for now. Have fun!