April update #2


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Hello again, as promised another update for April!

I have actually only two more topics: Bavarian Pale Ale and our visit to Copenhagen

Bavarian Pale Ale aka BBC1:

Another of those beers that has taught me a lesson. Similar to the Cotton Ale guest brew, the flavor of the BPA developed in a surprising way. You could call it a flavor development curve, which started with the first pint and ended with the last one (unfortunately already sold out). In the beginning both beers were kind of grassy, harsh and had hints of vegetal aroma, but over the course of a month or two those flavor/aroma features disappeared completely and were replaced by the essence of the respective hop (Mandarina Bavaria, Centennial). Both beers were at their peak just clean and fresh tasting. I do really like reasonable dry hopping, adding another layer of hop flavor, but it can also impart some murky, grassy flavours if left in the beer for too long!!



The reason for us leaving to Copenhagen was an invitation from one of our partners. With Jukka, our host for the trip, we had two splendid days at Copenhagen! How did we spent our time,…mostly with beer J!  I mean, we sampled a lot of different beers at various places to get a picture of the Danish brewing, beer and bar scene. Yeah, we sampled beers (max. 0,2l), didn’t really drink (who could afford to get wasted in Copenhagen anyway)! The only overdose we got wasn’t from alcohol but hops! After those two days, I felt like being done with hops for goodJ. Not to be misunderstood, we sampled a lot of tasty beers (mediocre ones as well). But it seemed to me, that most of the pubs had an emphasis on the stronger, hoppier and more aromatic beers. All fine, but it cumulated on the second day with Jukka ordering for us a pint of Carlsberg during our lunch at Jacobsen Brewery. Doesn’t sound funny right now, but at that moment it really made me smile! And the beer was good indeed.

We also tried two beer/food menus; one paired with Belgian beers the other one with beers from a local brewery. Really nice, and for us as Bryggeri Helsinki, we can top that!

Just to summarize my impressions, I really enjoyed the smaller places/bars (f.e. Fermentoren) compared to the bigger ones. Especially the M…….r named bars didn’t thrill me. Too posh, too much, too “loud” (Brewdog style, in case you have been at the Helsinki Beer Expo). And it left me with the feeling that the beer brewing scene in Finland is at least on the same level, in some ways even more interesting. Regarding beer quality, we are on par with our Danish colleagues!!

Cheers for that!