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has been a while since my last post. The previous months have been busy in many ways and I didn’t get any real inspiration to write.

Just to get up to speed, I will give you an update on upcoming beers.

The first one is “Bryggeri Spezial”. I do certainly not intend to claim to make a copy of my favourite “SPEZIAL”, but anyway, there will be a light smoked lager on tap from the end of next week. We had some delay with the malt delivery and it could have needed another week or two… What to do?!

The plan for that particular brew was, to come up with a beer, that is basically a slightly malty, crisp and lightly hopped smokebeer with a faint red hue, which doesn’t remind you of the darker all time classic from Bamberg. Something you can enjoy with food and without, can be drunken as a lager or a smokebeer. Nothing obstrusive. I just had a sample and we will check it later on together,…hhhm, as said before, it still tastes slightly young, but a lot can happen within a week. The hops are certainly in the background and the smoke aroma is gentle but it works well with the munich malts. Can’t wait to get a pint of that one. IBUs are negclectable.

Number two is this years version of an Oktoberfestbeer. Last year, I have only used  pale base and caramel malts including a healthy dose of Munich malt. But this year, I wanted to give it a bit more depth, color, flavour and aroma wise. You certainly can’t fool around too much, an Oktoberfestbeer should have certain features, others not. So the grist bill ended up with a bit more Munich, pretty much similar ratios of Pils and Vienna (although that one is debatable) and some Belgian malts. The smell, flavour and colour of the sweet wort were pretty promising. For sure grainy, malty bready and with some notes of honey. If they’d all make it to the final product, it would be happy days. The hopping is quite subdued with Magnum and Tradition to give it a slightly herbal aspect. At least the cold wort smelled of black tea,…aha! Let’s see, if the altered hopping was a good idea.

Back to work!