Change of Seasons


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Change of seasons !

I am sitting here in the train and listening to a song of Dream Theater with the same title. So true!

But we do not talk about music now.

Just a thought while recapitulating this year’s special brews.

Same as seasons change, flavors fade in and out. In my opinion, beers should reflect the time/spirit of the respective season. We have only a limited number tap lines and tanks; therefore one should concentrate on the brews that make sense at a certain time of the year.

Winter/Spring (winter still on):  => higher in alcohol, lighter than winter beers 5,5-7,0%

  • Bavarian Pale Ale – dry but malty, crisp hoppiness and fruity, juicy hop aroma.
  • Maibock – still a strong brew, a winter warmer, but light in flavor and color. Winter hasn’t ended yet, but spring is coming. Slightly sweet, flowery and spicy aromas.

Spring/Summer: => light and fresh, lower alcohol levels 4,5-5,0%

  • Summer Ale – terrace season has started. A light and fruity brew.
  • Sorachi Rice Lager – freeesh! And light! Citrusy and aromas of dill.

Summer/Autumn: => maltier, slightly elevated alcohol levels 5,0-5,5%

  • Spezial – Still a Lager, but with an additional malty layer and smoky aroma.
  • Oktoberfestbeer – malty it is. An easy drinkable, smooth beer with a gentle malty, sweet backbone and spicy hoppiness.
  • Syysmyrsky – doesn’t really fit the concept, … whatever J. Strong, malty and hoppy.

Autumn/Winter: => sweeter, darker,  more complex, maltier, elevated alcohol levels 5,5%-7%

  • (on tap now) Porter – it is getting sweeter now with winter time approaching. Some smoke, chocolate, coffee and malt. Good with a piece of dark chocolate cake.
  • (on tap now) Winter Ale – just a bit stronger, a tad sweeter and a rich combination of maltiness and juicy mouth feel from the use of black currants. It is not a fruit beer, though.
  • (coming up) Dubbel – my first Belgian beer ever. Malty, relatively dry, dark fruits, slightly phenolic and creamy. It will be sold next year at Alko.


In future we will stick with that regime although there might be exceptions of the rule.

that’s that for this year!