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There it is. The first blog entry. It just took a while to get my head around. As they say, the first five entries are the “worst”.

We have brewed so far six different beers:

Brown Ale, Pils, Wheat, Altstadt  Helsinki, Summer Ale, Transatlantic

I have been happy with the fact, that all beers came out as planned…almost. There are always nuances or features of a product, which could need some further attention (balance of flavors => malt/hops; extra layers of flavor => hops/malt; appearance; physical features => foam, fizziness, mouthfeel)

But generally, we are in line with our initial idea of brewing beers according to season and food we serve. For the summer time, our special beers were supposed to be light, tasty and refreshing. Towards the darker and colder seasons of the year, the appearance and taste of the special brews will change accordingly.

When it comes to my preferences for designing, brewing and drinking beers, there would be only one main feature, which everythingis based on: DRINKABILITY. I am a German, what to do! Our beers can be brewed to whatever style, but my main question would always be: Do/Would I like to drink more than one pint of it? That’s my target. Anything is possible, but quality and drinkability are the key goals.

When it comes to quality, presentation and overall flavor, I am my worst judge. Whenever you might detect off flavors or changes, you can be certain, that they have already caused me sleepless nights :-)!

As for the presentation of our beers, I do certainly see room for improvement. In terms of beer clarity the brewing process, more precisely its automatic control, certainly needs further fine tuning. While building up the brew house, the German engineers stressed cheerfully, that the parameter adjustment of the brewhouse/fermentation cellar software will keep me busy during the upcoming months. They were so right about that. Every handshake must be preset and readjusted by changing parameters (there are plenty), if it deems necessary. When working with a manual brewhouse, one can easily interfere (f.e. reducing the total volume of hot wort/batch size or changing flow rates by throttling valves). Now I would have to change preset volumes in all subsequent steps. Otherwise the program might just stop. Hhhmm, but no probs, it certainly has been a fun ride to get to the present state with all the small surprises, that could/do cause headaches :-).

That should be it for starters!