Beer – from barley malt to pint glass

Raw materials
Our brewmaster carefully selects raw ingredients which he then uses to develop different styles of beer. A natural and refreshing end result is guaranteed by Finnish malt barley, the right kind of yeast and hops – which give the beer character – from all over the brewing world.
The brewing of beer starts with a mashing tun. The brewmaster adds a suitable malt mix, which he boils into wort. Towards the end of the boiling, hops are added to the wort. Carefully selected yeast is added to the cooled, young beer to begin fermentation, after which conditioning begins.
Conditioning and quality assurance
The brewmaster’s professional skills guarantee that the beer conditioning in the casks is thirst-quenching, delicious beer, true to its style.  The conditions in the brewery restaurant’s cellar are ideal for conditioning beer. Finally, the brewmaster checks the quality of the beer with his most valuable tool; his tastebuds. Tasting is the most important phase in brewing.
Serving beer correctly
A perfectly conditioned beer is ready to drink in four to six weeks. Bryggeri Helsinki serves its beer in the brewery’s own glasses. The brewmaster has selected glasses which add the finishing touches – regardless of whether your beer is served with or without food.

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