Oktoberfest – today it starts


Brewmaster's blog

I have been thinking about the oktoberfest brew quite a lot. I didn’t want to brew a beer close to the “Festbiere” big breweries offer nowadays. They tend to be too sweet, too pale and are somehow missing the malty and bready body, which I would expect from a brew like this. On the other hand, it was supposed to be a recipe, which is as close to its origins as possible. And then I went with a combination of four basic malts (Vienna, Pilsner, Munich and Cara Pale) and two traditional German hops (Perle, Hallertauer). The beer with its OG of 12,9% and an alcohol content of 5,4% has still enough residual sugars to balance the alcohol out. When tapped with a sufficient but thick foam head, you will get a smooth, malty, toasty and slightly bready beer with a soft bitterness and a somehow tart mouthfeel.



(I tried to attach the corresponding picture, but somehow the server froze, hhhm)