Brewing to continue on Sofiankatu

Brewing in Finland has its origins in Eteläranta, where the first brewery in Finland was established 257 years ago just a few blocks from Sofiankatu.  Over the years, around thirty breweries have operated in Helsinki. The circle is now complete as Bryggeri Helsinki, which upholds the traditions of Helsinki brewing practices, opens its doors this year.

Beer has been brewed in Helsinki for almost as long as the city has been settled; almost 500 years. Early on, beer was brewed in small brewing huts in outbuildings.  When the first brewery was established in the area, Helsinki was just a small town with around two thousand inhabitants. There were 39 beer merchants with the right to manufacture and sell beer.

Born into a merchant family, Johan Sederholm joined forces with Helsinki merchants and established the Bryggeriet brewery on Eteläranta in 1756. The brewery was built on what was then the edge of the town, on the coast, and it was primarily needed to fulfil the contract of the builders working on the Suomenlinna fortress, as their wages included a daily serving of beer. Transportation to Viapori was taken care of from the brewery’s own quay.

Later on, a brewery was founded to quench the thirst of Suomenlinna soldiers and builders. It grew to be rather large, and the founder Nikolai Sinebrychoff’s mark on the Finnish brewing industry can still be seen today.  Stora Bryggeriet also moved to Sinebrychoff in the 1820s, when the Hietalahti brewery and distillery were established. For decades, Sinebrychoff had a monopoly on the sale and manufacture of beer. Thanks to the freedom to practice livelihoods which came into effect in the 1860s, new breweries sprang up, but Sinebrychoff was quick to buy out its competitors.

Over the years, there have been 27 breweries in the capital city and, in addition, five breweries or brewery-restaurants were active in the 2000s. Bryggeri Helsinki will join Stadin Panimo, Suomenlinnan Panimo, Ravintolakoulu Perhon panimo and the Bruuveri and Teerenpeli restaurant-breweries as one of the active breweries in the city area.

All of Bryggeri Helsinki’s own beers are manufactured on-site in the Torikorttelit cellar.  The beers represent a diverse range of different beer styles and are served fresh for the best taste. In a true brewery-restaurant, the drinks are tailored to suit the food.

Bryggeri Helsinki has a large owner base. Approximately 700 small-scale investors have invested in brewing in the historic heart of Helsinki. Some of the most skilled professionals in the field have come together on the ambitious project. Thorough and detailed preparations are under way for the opening to be held at the beginnign of May 2013.

And if you’re thirsty already, don’t worry – the first beers are already conditioning.

From our partners

Torikorttelit wish the brewery and restaurant a warm welcome

Bryggeri Helsinki is an especially welcome addition to Torikorttelit, the blocks surrounding the Senate Square.  The brewery-restaurant is better than well-suited to the area. Torikorttelit is a place where a new kind of Helsinki is created and lived. It is a place which conveniently sees those who create new things and those who want to experience new things come together.

The best and most interesting restaurants open to city residents and tourists are located on Torikorttelit blocks. We believe that the more good restuarants we have, the more people will be able to make their way here in search of good service.

The location of the blocks offers excellent opportunities: we are developing Tortikorttelit, located between Senate Square and the Market Square into a unique events location by 2017, the jubilee year of 100 years of Finnish independence.

We wish the entrepreneurs a warm welcome to the unique environment here at Torikorttelit and hope that together we can revive the lively city life which has thrived here since the start of the 19th century. Together with other actors we will revive the district and the entire Torikortteli project will reveal a new city, opening by opening, event by event and courtyard by courtyard.  Bryggeri Helsinki is a significant player in this project.

Peggy Bauer

Interior designer Matti Kulovesi: how modern Bryggeri Helsinki was born

Bryggeri Helsinki’s warm atmosphere was created by interior designer Matti Kulovesi. The beer kettles in the brewery restaurant are an essential element – beer is made here, and it shows. The copper kettles set the tone, forming the basis for warm tones punctuated by the roughness of use, wear and tear.

The pub upstairs is a meeting point, from where visitors can continue on to the atmospheric cellar restaurant. – The brew kettles are the heart of the brewery-restaurant. It’s where everything begins. When you descend the stairs to the restaurant, you are met immediately by the kettles, and seating is arranged around them.

Kulovesi speaks of a workshop atmosphere: the process of brewing is visible, and structures and design items inspired by a production facility theme meet in the restaurant details. The charm created by these contrasts makes for a new kind of brewery-restaurant.

The lighting transforms the space from a lunch restaurant to a comfortable restaurant perfect for socialising. It also makes the copper kettles gleam. When sitting down at the table, your gaze catches on the unique lights which add the finishing touches to the modern look.

Beer enthusiasts will be glad to see the long bar.

The sunny terrace in the inner courtyard is a one-of-a-kind oasis in the Helsinki city centre. The interior designer has also taken long, hot afternoons into account – visitors can quench their thirst under cool awnings.

Brewery equipment provided by Kaspar Schulz

Bryggeri Helsinki’s brewery equipment is provided by German company Kaspar Schulz, the world’s oldest manufacturer of brewery equipment.  With over 335 years of professional experience and good reputation, Kaspar Schulz equipment is unrivalled.

The company is known for its quality and design, and manufactures brewing equipment of various sizes. Our brewmaster primarily selects equipment based on its quality and technical support. These factors make it easier to maintain top quality while manufacturing beer.