Golden Ale/Golden IPA and others to come


Brewmaster's blog

To commemorate the coming summer, I have brewed a stronger version of our Summer Ale. It just felt like having a refreshing, slightly stronger brew with the same flavor profile of our last years Summer beer. Back then I combined pale malts with pale caramel malt and a healthy dose of wheat malt. Nelson Sauvin and Citra gave the beer a refreshing and tropical flavor/aroma, that went well with the neutral ester notes and the slightly grainy wheaty beer base. Something like that is coming today, but just a notch more of almost everything and something extra. For me, there is usually an edge or comfort zone of brewing. I know, what kind of beers I like to drink and until last year I tend to brew accordingly. But since we started our operation, some boundaries had to be stretched. Others do it, dit it, but not me.

In that particular case it meant to add more hops, even though it seemed already enough. Having said that, it won’t be a hop bomb. It gotta be drinkable.

And as for the upcoming beers:

– The latest batch I brewed is a (dry) Stout. I guess, that most of it will end up in bottles. Although it was supposed to be slightly more full bodied, it is still a nice beer to zip.

– APRIL: I have just received a hop variety, which I haven’t used before. The challenge will be to write a beer recipe around it.

– MAI: there will be a stronger bottom fermented classic beer on tap

– JUNE: yet another batch of last years Summer Ale