It is bubbling away – celebration beer


Brewmaster's blog

In order to pay tribute to the 20 year anniversary of our company Rakuuna Olut Oy, we decided to brew a beer that has been at least as old as the company itself, HUSARI. Pirkko Näätänen, the former brewmaster of Lappeenrannan Panimo digged out the old recipe from the archives, and I followed the recipe word by word. We even managed to get the old yeast strain, which has been stored in the yeast bank of VTT. As it always happens with new beers, I have been pretty nervous before, during and shortly after the brew. But once the batch is fermenting, I can relax and wait for the results. As you can see on the picture, the three day old batch is still bubbling away vigorously. At this point I cannot give any clear flavour/aroma indications, but what I have tasted so far, the beer should be pretty fruity and estery with some roasty and toasty notes to it. And I guess, it will be relatively dry. But let’s see, anything can change.