MAIBOCK – happy marriage before Vappu


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Hello again,

as written before, this beer will be somewhat different, fruity. You might call it a gamble, but one that fulfilled our expectations. It has been brewed with two different yeast strains. No lactic bacteria’s present, though, but  a combination of lager and wheat yeast. Also the malt bill is a mixture suitable for lager and wheat beers but with an emphasis made on lager beer. What does that mean? Pilsner malt as the main source of starch and flavour with certain additions of munich malt, wheat malt ( A.R., forgot that one, but it is in the mix) and pale caramel malt. Magnum and Saaz hops for the light subtle flowery hop aroma. Both yeasts have been combined and fermented at slightly elevated lager beer temperatures.

The chosen recipe ends up in a dry beer with sweet malty notes, a creamy body and hints of wheat beer aromas without being a wheatbock nor a bock beer. The alcohol content at 6,8% adds a warm touch to it.

Brewing beers with two yeasts, hhhmm, the thought didn’t really thrill me before, but now it just happened. Go for it! And again, … lesson learned. After all, bottle conditioned wheat beers are traditionally brewed by using two different yeast strains anyway. Wheat beer yeast for the main fermentation and lager yeast (fermenting Lager/Pils beer/ wort with added bottom fermenting yeast) for the bottle conditioning. Tried that a couple of times in bigger tanks, …what a hassle!! Wheat beer yeast is just fine for its appropriate style.

What does that mean for you?? Come by and try it out 🙂 ! And we would really like to get some feedback on that one.

The ratebeer/+other rating will be an interesting one to read, as it doesn’t really fit into any category and/or our name is just plain off style guidelines. According to various beer style guidelines it would most probably fall under the category of hybrid beers… maybe we just call it then Maibock, with an annotational reference to the Hybrid Beer Style.

And as a ratebeer side note,  everything above 3/5 points can usually be considered as a good/very good beer. The top 50 beers are whether really strong, contain the word imperial, are insanely hoppy or  sour/fruit beers. They for sure earned their ratings. But it shows certain preferences!! Another story.

Until then