Maibock,… just floating


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Today I am busy with a Pale Bock beer …. and floating. Double shifts can be quite draining. Today is just one of those days!  Especially when so much other stuff has to be done. Nothing drastic, but the head is constantly occupied with something. Man, one could easily miss the times in Germany. Back in the days, when I sat in a brew house in front of a series of computer screens, being only responsible for milling and mashing. The batch sizes were between 1200 and 1500hl (about nine of those per day). That’s as much as we are going to brew this year! But, no, there has been a reason, why I left!

About the beer, just before the summer season starts, various breweries in Germany like to celebrate the/their change of seasons with the palest of bock beers available. They are more or less a hybrid version by its features between a Pils and a Dark Bock (with all its subcategories). Therefore I/We decided to give it a go. Summer time will be anyway more of an Ale than a Lager season and why not a Pale Bock Beer.

It is fairly easy to choose ingredients for that kind of beer hence a complex malt profile is not really needed. Some Pilsner malt here, a bit of Munich and Cara Pale there with a pinch of Wheat Malt. It could have been even more simple, but what the heck. They all have their purpose!

As for the hops,  the bitterness of that kind of beer should usually be higher or more perceptible as it would be for its darker version. So I am shooting for about 30 IBU, split up in two portions. Magnum for bittering and Saaz for aroma. Let’s see, if the latter adds some herbal, flowery notes to the beer. It could certainly work out.

And generally, the aim would be an alcohol content around 6,5% (depending on the degree of fermentation). I’d certainly like the beer to be as dry as possible, with just enough malty, sweet backbone and hop bitterness to go along with the higher alcohol content. That’s the plan! … and then there is reality!

…. just measured the gravity of the second batch,… it is a quite a bit lower than expected. Man, I love brewing 🙂

Let’s see, what happens.