Midnight Sun,…sun is shining today. Our new Summer beer on tap.


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Bavarian Wheat Ale is on tap now and summer ale will come back next year

What to do?!  Hops are out. And thus we had to make a new beer.

Compared to all the years before, the hop supply has been this year quite a challenge. More breweries need more hops. And as American and new world hops are high in demand, one has to be fast! But I guess, that I haven’t been fast enough.

For next year, we will preorder all necessary hop varieties. That gives us to a certain degree a guaranteed hop supply.

Anyway, what is the new beer all about?

I was thinking about sitting on our terrace and a having a beer, which might suit a hot summer day evening. In comparison to the sparkly and quite dry Summer Ale, the new one will display a bit different features. Maybe you remember last year’s first BBC related product. Back then I used copious amounts of Mandarina Bavaria and really liked the clean fruity aroma/flavor of it. No pine whatsoever! And compared to the quantity used, the final beer was hopwise pretty gentle on the palate.

Same as last year’s brew, this one also contains wheat malt. And quite much of it. Additionally some caramel and melanoidin malt. For the hopping I chose Magnum, before mentioned Mandarina Bavaria and German Cascade. The latter accompany each other pretty nicely.

We end up with a dark golden/pale orangey coloured beer. It has a nice juicy malt foundation and creamy (!) mouthfeel. The hop aroma is subtle but lingers in your mouth. In the aftertaste you taste fruity hops and malt.

On the aroma side I could tweak the recipe a bit. Just a tad more aroma hops to boost the fruitiness. Although it is creamy and mouth filling (:-)  the carbonization of the following batches could be slightly reduced. Have to have a couple of pints to be completely sure.

That’s it