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There we go, since the last post quite much has happened and some interesting  projects are ahead of us. But that’s something for later.

I have worked with various brewery equipments and it has always been a challenge to test the technical limits of each one. By how much can you exceed the recommended maximum parameters without jeopardizing the equipment. As for the Kaspar Schulz brewhouse, yeah, i pushed the malt load to 170% (just a bit more,…) without taking any risk of damaging the system. I would go as far to call it more or less failsafe. Whenever physical strains exceed a certain limit, the corresponding drive shuts down until the problem has been taken care of. Today I tried to push the mash volume to the max and stood with my laptop beside the manhole of the lauterpan to shut down the mash transfer manually before it overflows….just about it! That’s fun! Yeah, I have been brewing a Strong Ale today, not for our bar, but more a contract brew. I will be in the range of 7% alcohol and is a beer pretty staight forward. A couple of malts, one hop addition, that’s about it. The cold wort tasted excellent.

As for our upcoming products, next week I will brew a new beer: Dark Wheatbeer/Winterweizen, followed by a Golden Ale (don’t nail me on the BJCP guidelines), which will be a stronger version of our Summer Ale. And for next year,…we will see. For sure our IPA/APA/Summer Ale and sorts, i don’t know, too many ideas.

So, my work day has lasted so far 16 hours and I am not there quite yet. Cooling is on, i have to hurry,…CheersWP_20131123_002 WP_20131123_001