Red Ale (2nd draft)


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Yeah, thought my post was online, but sure it wasn’t.

Anyway, a new Red Ale is on right now. I just mashed in the second batch today and started to contemplate about last year and the beers I brewed so far, Up til now, when I developed recipes for new products, it took me like three brews to finalize the recipe. But during the last year, there was just no time for that. We had almost every month at least one new product on tap/in bottle.  And it kind of worked out. For sure, there are always small features/parameters of a new beer, that could be changed for the next brew, but that’s about it. I am actually happy about last years results and it gave me confidence in what i can do and what I maybe dont want to do.

That didn’t apply for the Red Ale. Before we opened our restaurant, several beer tastings took place to get an idea of our basic/core products. For sure a Lager/Pils, a Wheat Beer and as the third beer we opted for Red Ale. It has a different colour, a richer malt profile and also the yeast differs from the other two beers. That was the plan!

For Pils and Wheatbeer it worked out, already with the first batch. But the Red Ale didn’t really want to be brewed our way. I have made so many alterations, nothing drastic but nevertheless, in order to achieve the right color and flavor profile. A bit more caramel here, a bit less there. Up the roasted barley, down with it again. Until I changed the yeast strain. That was it. Colour, Flavour, Fermentation, it all came together. But right now, I try to fiddle a bit with the hopping to support the ester profile of the yeast. Again, no drastic changes, just small alterations in the hopping regime. Half a year ago, the whole Red Ale case kind of stressed me out, but right now, I see it more as a challenge. Come on, it can’t be that difficult.

So today, the second phase of hop adjustment is on its way. Smelling already really good. The plan for today was to add a faint citrussy note to the brew. We have the berry flavors from the yeast, a sweet caramelly brew and need now something fresh to bring it together. Let’s see, in about 3-4 weeks time it will be on tap.