some words concerning recent history and products


Brewmaster's blog

When you start a new business like ours, it is pretty difficult to predict sales/product turnover times.

In the initial build up phase we faced several obstacles. A lot of them were caused by the delay of the brew house. Due to several reasons, the manufacturer shipped it three weeks behind scedule. Can always happen, but we prepared a contigency plan, meaning, we had to brew the beer somewhere else. As the second brewery has/had almost three times our size, the batch sizes were bigger, too.

You might get an idea, what I am talking about, yeah, the PILS beer. We have brewed almost 5000l of it. As the terrace opened late, too, we had plenty of Pils beer to sell, still have some left. Some customers have noticed, that the taste has changed a bit. It always does, when beer ages. But we couldn’t detect any spoilage or other serious off flavours (as written before, I constantly check on our products). Same beer,  just a bit different.

(due to our setup, 1000l serving tanks, we minimize the risk of infecting our products – they have their own advantages and disadvantages. I will come to that at a later point in time)

The new batch is waiting in the maturation tanks and will be transferred ASAP!!!