Winter Ale – tasting update


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tasting update => Winter Ale

first beer sample from tap:

– pretty dark,  dark mahogany, thick and lasting foam, slightly turbid => pectins (which result in a more or less permanent haze/turbidity)

– malt aroma, dominated by dark malts, hints of chocolate, fruity berry aroma, some caramel. The before mentioned alcohol is in the background.

– malty flavour, juicy mouth feel, hop bitterness nicely blended in, dark fruits, some chocolate

– beer finishes pretty dry, malty,tangy and with a juicy acidity

– hop aroma comes nicely when burping 🙂

– as said before, it grew on me. Man that is an interesting and drinkable brew!


I think, that drinking temperature is crucial!! It certainly tastes better at elevated temperatures – about 12-14 degrees. When savoured at lower temperatures, the malty sweetness becomes more prominent and dominates the overall profile.